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Hi Oxy friends!

Hi Oxy friends!

currently I have the following problem with oxyextras.

On desktop:
I have a navigation for the desktop variant (realized with Mega Menu and Mega Dropdown). Everything also works wonderfully here.

In addition, I have a navigation for the mobile variant (from 1120px and below).

What I imagine:

In the overlay (if you are at the very top of the page) the navigation should be visible as follows:

On the left side the logo, on the right side only a white hamburger symbol is visible on mobile devices. (all without background)
Clicking on it opens the offcanvas menu with the slide menu module contained therein.

As soon as the user scrolls, the overlay navigation becomes a sticky navigation with a white background, the logo also changes its colors and the white hamburger symbol turns blue.

I imagine that, everything also works up to here.

I would like to resolve the following issue.

When the user is at the very top of the page and the overlay menu is visible and he clicks on the hamburger symbol, the menu slides in.

when he scrolls down, however, the overlay menu remains visible and the sticky navigation is displayed. if you then click outside the slide navigation again, the sticky menu will close, but the overlay menu is still there.

maybe there is someone here who has already implemented this and can help me. I have currently changed the menu again and use the burger trigger. the menu then opens from above.

Thx for your help!


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