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Hi Oxy-People,

Hi Oxy-People,
I am in some testing of the new meta box integration and right now I have a serious problem, where I hope someone of you might be able to help me:
I want to give a user the chance to edit his custom posts without using the backend.
Therefore I built an archive page with a repeater and now I want to give an edit-button to the user which brings him or her to the following page: /?page_id=477&rwmb_frontend_field_post_id=XXX
The page with the ID 477 is my form to edit the post. To make it work, the XXX at the end of the link must be the ID of the post, the user wants to edit.
Now the question: How can I dynamically add the ID of the target post into the parameter of the link within the repeater?
Thanks for your help 🙂


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