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Hi Oxygen Community. Can I ask for some help?

Hi Oxygen Community. Can I ask for some help?
I am new to Oxygen, I am enjoying it so far.
I have been watching tutorials and reading documentations.

I encountered this road block, regarding Gutenberg Editor and Reusable Part(Single).

*Reusable Part not working inside Gutenberg editor*
Here is what is currently happening.
1) I created a Reusable Part.
2) I insert the Reusable Part(Single) twice in on of may pages using Oxygen Editor. Everything looks good. But…
3) …when I tried editing the Page using Gutenberg, only the first Reusable part is editable. I am not sure if the “id” of the Heading is causing the issue, because they have the same id even they are different elements already.

Thank you in advance.


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  1. Udoro 'Cracka' Essien says

    When you insert as single, you can only edit it inside Oxygen.

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