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Hi there,

Hi there,

I’ve got Oxygen Builder and OxyNinja and am using it with Woocommerce. It’s working pretty well for the most part, but the default store page is defeating me.

I’ve got two templates setup, one with a full-width inner-content, and one wrapped in a container to reduce the width.

Even though I’ve assigned the wrapped version to the store page, it still displays full-width. I also have a hero with dynamic title/image set in that template, and that’s not showing up either.

I’ve re-created the page, deleted the old one, re-assigned the template, and re-set Woocommerce to point the store page to the new one – no luck.

Even weirder, the builder basically crashes if you try to edit that page in Oxygen – you can’ select which page you want to preview it in (defaults to product layout), can’t add any elements, can’t save, can’t exit to admin and lots of console errors.

Any ideas as to what I could do?


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