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Hi there, need some advice.

Hi there, need some advice.

I need to build a page with some culumns that vary in width. On tablet and mobile the columns will stack.

What can I use best to accomplish this? Oxygen columns, grid, Oxy Ninja?



  1. Resham Panth says

    I would use Flex with different width percentages for this with Flex-wrap. I don’t think grid would be the best solution here..

  2. Juan Carlos Garcia Alonso says

    I think grid is the way to go. You set like 12 columns and then use colspan in the individual divs to adjust.
    Like in desktop the first div colspan =2 the second colspan =4 and so on. Then in tablet the first div colspan = 4 the second colespan = 3. And keep going.
    Anyway in very convoluted design you can make 2 grids and hide one or another in desktop or in movile, I know is not optima, but sometimes makes sense if it saves you 3 days of tweaking and testing.

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