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Hi, what is the best way to get such a result. The image area (in this example floor) is marked with

Hi, what is the best way to get such a result. The image area (in this example floor) is marked with polygon when rollover the toolpip appears (info in tooltip is read dynamically from the metabox)

i tried oxyextras with hotspots, but i need polygons


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  1. Udoro says

    Have you tried using clip-path? Not sure I understand exactly what you want to achieve.

  2. Amadeusz says
  3. Jonathan says

    It’s using SVG paths to create the hit areas, if you’ve got Illustrator or similar you would just need to create a document the same size as the background image and then draw the individual layers, save as SVG and utilise those paths as hit areas to activate the tooltips.

  4. Tobias says

    Try ImageMap Pro.

  5. Zbynek says

    Another crap (i see this shit is expensive 99$)… I was selling apartments in this trash. But seriously take a few plugins into account. It looks beautiful in the picture … later conflicts and bugs. I guess I considered “Image Map pro” but for some reason I didn’t choose … I can’t remember why.

  6. Zbynek says

    Another advice this “Draw Attention: Interactive Image Map Plugin” is in WordPress repo. Have good reputation look . Image map pro not in the repository … red flag for me … “maybe the dude didn’t do anything for 3 years”.

  7. Kelly says

    I’ve actually used Draw Attention on a Genesis website and it works really well. Plus, the support team is excellent and even modified the plugin just to handle my special request. 🙂

  8. Carlos says

    OxyExtras includes a feature like this.

  9. Sunil says

    All we need is modal to have “show when” option “hover over element”

  10. Kelly says

    Uldis Bertans Please post the solution you ultimately decide to go with and a link to your website so we can all learn from your experience. 👍

  11. Jeffrey says

    I would build that with Tumult Hype.

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