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hii everyone,

hii everyone,
can u recommend me good hosting which should run like butter with oxygen builder!!
i have used starter/beginner plans (less than <5$)
hostinger (it is slow)
name cheap (it is laggy)
cloud ways (good but a little bit expensive for my clients)
linode/digital ocean/vultr (requires a cpanel eats a lot of ram)
wpx (requires 5 website)
i need a hosting platform for landing pages site which shouldn’t exceed more than 70-80$ per year with decent performance


  1. Rishab Sharma says

    Just go with vultr and install WordPress with cpanel like normally we do on aws or gcp. Very easy.

    Or use openlitespeed panel

  2. Nikita Severin says

  3. Taylor Drayson says

    $70-$80 a year is still about $5 a month.

    Maybe look at building locally and then putting your clients on decent hosting once it’s built.

    Normally good hosting comes at a price.

  4. Rob Kafka says

    “Good hosting” is not < $5/month

  5. Gerson El says

    Go direct to digital ocean instead of cloudways. You’d need some technical knowledge to set up the server.

  6. Juan Jose Gonzalez says

  7. Niko Strobel says

    You always get what you pay for…. $6 / month will get you $6 hosting. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
    But yeah, the trick is to get the best bang for your buck here.

    Here are some more suggestions:
    You only pay once; it’s a LTD. You can stack several codes to get more websites (e.g. 3 codes will get you 25 websites). It’s really fast for what it is (technically shared hosting). But LTD and hosting is not always a good combination in the long run….
    This is a Litespeed control panel. Again, you only pay once. And then you can use it to connect your less expensive servers (e.g. Digital Ocean). It’s basically like Cloudways with lower running costs plus Litespeed.

  8. LeIgh CoIbi says


    I’ve used them for over a decade.

  9. Nott Yusuf says

    Shared hosting with litespeed is the best if you’re cost Conscious

  10. Barry Smith says

    I am currently using A2 Hosting for my wifes site, ecommerce site which is slow on many servers but runs fast on A2, the package that I have. I like A2 as they have email servers unlike some cloud-based who do not

  11. Ricardo Ferreira says

    Send me a PM

  12. David Bolwell says

    Vultr on plesk or cyberpanel is great

  13. Darie Nani says

    Go direct with vultr

  14. Dragos Necula says

    Runcloud with upcloud for me

  15. Marion Paolo Abagar says

    VULTR HF with Cyberpanel for $6/month. Smooth like butter!

  16. John Sparks says

    Aws cloud servers $500 month Solid state drives. 👌

  17. Faiz Sheikh says

    Namecheaps wordpress plan is amazing

  18. Travis Hinton says

  19. Michael Pedrotti says

    If they can’t afford cloudways or WPX, they can’t afford to be in business.

  20. Ronny Strowick says

    VServer managed. Starting @ 35€ / month. Then you are perfectly fine 🤙

  21. Konstantinos Lyketsos says

    good luck running oxygen on server under $5 😛

    but what you could do is to get yourself a much bigger server so you can fit inside all those clients and get your better performance and then just charge them $5 each so if you take for example a 30$ server, after you put inside 6*5clients for 5$each then you even make some profit on top.

  22. Francisco Sanchez says

    I Sahil. I sent you a PM. Please check.

  23. Dennis Acevedo says

  24. Luis PW says

    I use UpCloud and it runs fine. In some cases even the lowest plan ($5/mo).

  25. Matija Ljevar says


  26. Abdul Aziz Abdullah says

    i have been using

  27. Nick Collins says

    Gridpane with VultrHF

  28. Vadym Khomakha says

    I could built a cluster on Digital Ocean with lightning fast LiteSpeed for $72 per year.

  29. Jeffrey Price says

    Inmotion hosting is great

  30. Rob VanPelt says

    Any VPS (linode, vultr, digital ocean) and a free control panel (centOS, Webmin, Ajenti, etc..). Openlitespeed is good but I’ve had several times when my TTFB was way over 10 seconds.. I decided to just stay with a LEMP stack (nginx)

  31. Denis Uhrík says

    If you are in Europe, in Slovakia we have cheap hostings in comparison to other countries, if you can deal with slovak ip adress i can give you few tips 🙂

  32. Jerode Ndikumana says is 👌

  33. Miguel Vásquez Gracia says

    Sahil Kumar , try this and you will thanks me later. Have the Price & Performance you are searching for –>

  34. Budi Haryono says

    Try aws lightstail

  35. Adam Tang says

    4vcpu 8gb ram ec2 so far so good.

  36. George Xatzidimitriou says

    Oxygen builder will run like crap, no matter what hosting you choose. It loads in the same exact time on a siteground shared growbig plan and my 8core 32gb VPS.

    What actually matters is the browser. You’ll have much better loading speed with a mac + safari than with a beast pc + chrome.

    Now why would you choose to build websites with safari? Only soffly knows.

  37. Kodylee Karm says

    Clients can’t afford $10-15 a month for hosting? Lol

  38. Nick Murray says

    Cheap hosting will run fine on the front end when cached correctly usually. If you want backend smoothness you need to pay. Just have to explain that to your clients that this is the reason hosting comes at all sorts of tiers

  39. Ivan Climb Messina says

    we offer web hosting and use oxygen builder for our main website and some of our clients use oxygen builder. You can check my profile if you wish

  40. Mark Pearce says

    aws lightsail if you’re ok with some managing of the VM, the smallest instance may hit your price point. Though performance may be compromised…

  41. Jagabandhu Sahoo says

    Do. $6 premium plan with OLS tried?

  42. Luke Unleash'd DeLalio says

  43. James Harte says

    Runcloud and digital ocean. Fluentsmtp and amazonses for emails.

  44. Jason Marcal says

    I use Siteground. Sure I wait for a bit for the editor to load but it works flawlessly. Just don’t use the SG Optimizer plug-in. It’s still messed up.

  45. Leo Vitali says

    Which was this software similar to CPANEL but fully command line to install wordpress among other things?

    I’ve lost the page and I can’t find it now!!!

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