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Hiya – new to oxygen and feeling a little frustrated. A lot of my images are being super compressed

Hiya – new to oxygen and feeling a little frustrated. A lot of my images are being super compressed and looking super pixellated which isn’t great for a photographer. Even my logo looks terrible.
I’ve tried different sizes from 500-1200px on the long size but no joy. Not sure if it’s a setting in oxygen I’ve missed.
Any idea where to start troubleshooting?
Sample page – my logo and the picture look like crap:


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Arya Design Set

  1. Naazim says

    When you add in the image, are you choosing full image or is it going to thumbnail?

  2. Matt says

    What dimension has your logo in original / uploaded size?
    The page shows the logo with 300×107 px as JPG. PNG should be preferred for logos. JPG is best for photos only.
    Do you have any image compression / “optimization” plugin installed? Those can dramatically deteriorate your image quality if not configured correctly.

    And read what Naazim wrote: To get best quality don’t use those smaller image sizes that have been generated by WordPress. WordPress is not king with image resizing.

  3. Manuel says

    Add and image dive and make sure the image is up to 200kb before uploading… also make sure you haven’t added any image compression or optimization tool, else the image will be automatically reduced without your notice

  4. Simon says

    I’ll be able to fix this for you pretty easily.

  5. Wolfgang says

    Did you use the media library option when selecting the image and didn’t set the image size to “full” for example?

  6. Adam says

    WordPress natively compresses by 20%.

  7. Rodrigo says

    Have you considered making the logo an svg?

  8. Sono says

    The logo from the link you provided is a webp image. Despite that, something happened on the import, cause, if you click on that logo, it opens a new page with a better png logo file! Wrong import?

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