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  1. Avril Roy-Smith says

    I just did one of those. Only in Ga instead of Fl. Sadly, I am too busy writing websites to take the Oxygen website challenge.

  2. Mus Sura says

    Some people are a bit too busy with actual work to enter a challenge for a chance of wining a $150 plugin 💩

    It’s a great idea especially for people starting out though – good way to learn.

  3. Ricardo Ferreira says

    Thanks for share this with us, it is a fantastic opportunity to level up web and Oxygen level

  4. Nick Collins says

    If i spend 4 hours to win $150 I’m losing money

  5. Yasien Sarlie says

    The mobile view of this site was so discouraging. Hope they fix it

  6. Pagna PT says

    Great initiative, but what plugins can you get with $150?

  7. Supa Mike says

    I would love to do it, just for fun, as I don’t care about the price, but I am way too busy for that for the moment.
    Maybe they should make simpler challenges, something that doesn’t take too much time…
    Anyway, it’s still a cool project.

  8. Max Zimmer says

    The incentives are seriously lacking. Just give cash. If the winner really wants a plug-in they can use the cash to buy it themselves.

  9. Dicky Ibrohim says

    Every day have to work 7 hours and hang out with loved ones. Quite busy, but it’s a really good challenge.

  10. Rika Fouché says

    I’m busy with mine. Taking time inbetween helping my clients. Can’t wait to submit it 😁

    I wouldn’t mind winning the $150 for a plugin. The past few months has been very slow and the exchange rate is killing it for me.

  11. Joe Kns says

    It’s sunny. Spare time is currently going into craft beer tasting 🙂

  12. Vasiliy Leytman says

    Prizes should be at least x3 in value for any pro to get interested in that. I mean it’s fun to do such stuff when you’re a novice, but when you’re not — what’s the point? $150 is roughly 4, max 5 hours of paid work (and it even says “a plugin worth $150 or less” — so most likely it won’t even be $150). Why do something that might not even make you profits, when you can do lots of real-world, paid and interesting tasks instead? 😉 To proof something to someone? To show possible future customers that you’re OK working for a pretty low price if it’s challenging? 😉

  13. Rika Fouché says

    I was actually looking forward to seeing the experts submitting some designs to see where I’m going wrong. I’m still struggling with some elements and taking this as part of my learning experience.

  14. KF Ng says

    The incentive too low. That’s like my hourly rate lol

  15. Cynthia Vanoirbeek says

    I signed up will see if I can throw something together in my spare time 😊. One thing though how do you “prove” that the gallery is “client-editable and as simple as possible to use”? Wouldn’t they need access to the backend? I can think of more than one way of doing this? Might be overthinking here?

  16. DrFola Ajisafe says

    One thing is fast becoming the norm here. If there is little to no official Oxygen support, such projects are likely not to gain momentum. Oxygen community is so unique in that respect:)

  17. Daniel Florian says

    Wow… some of you so-called “pro’s” need to calm down…
    It’s for a bit of fun and some people may learn new skills and different ways of approaching problems. If you don’t have time to join in, that’s OK, no-one is forcing you to. I work a full time job alongside my fledgling web design business and may not have time to submit something. But I have some ideas and if I get time I’ll throw something together and submit it. If I don’t have time, no big deal 🤷
    But to complain that there isn’t enough incentive for you waste your time is a bit rich in my opinion. It’s not like this is being done to make money. It’s for a bit of fun in the community.

    Get over yourselves…

  18. Bryn Barker says

    The close-mindedness of some of the comments here is astounding.

    A fun, competitive format like this is awesome. The prize is utterly irrelevant. The real prize is the exposure from winning, being able to mention a first place winning entry as a web developer anywhere it suits you and raising your profile in the community. That is worth how many thousands of dollars – certainly more than any sponsor can throw in.

    If you are too busy to participate, that’s perfectly fine. You may also feel that when a certain challenge comes along that plays to your strengths, you manage to find the time without too much trouble. Which is how other people will feel about it in other months.

    So relax, it is OBVIOUSLY not about the prizes. There may be months where there is no prize at all. It wouldn’t bother me at all, as being a winner will always be the most valuable reward.

    If the format is going to change to be more accessible and less time consuming in future months, that means you should get your entries in now while the competition isn’t as severe.

  19. Jonathan Jernigan says

    Seems like my “don’t be a dick” comment got missed

  20. Pedro Vieira says

    Where is your entry Udoro? 😂😂 record it and upload it to youtube once the challenge is over 😉 you always come up with awesome content!! Waiting to see your submissions as well. I’ll be the last to enter! 😅

  21. Dahunsi Olajoyegbe says

    I’m doing it.

  22. Aleš Sýkora says

    I am not going to challenge, i need to make money, no time to play

  23. Shaan Nicol says

    I understand this is supposed to be a fun challenge, but if I’m going to be taking time away from my family or business then the incentive needs to be more than ‘a chance to win a plugin’ for me. All the best

  24. Joe Kns says

    I would like to do this some time for a good cause though. I know you probably mean well, but we’re all busy. Good site is a looooot of work. At least for me it is.

  25. Ryan Krause says

    Do an elements challenge vs an entire web project. Save the elements as templates and share. Then people can learn how it was done, improve their skills, enhance, etc… May even lead to a catalog.

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