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Hope you guys can help…

Hope you guys can help…
I know it’s a bit off topic to ask some help about another plugin, but since this plugin relies on a WP Theme and O2 is not using that, you guys might have a solution…?

I’m using WP Job Openings plugin, this plugin uses a shortcode to display a job listing page, so far so good, since I can style the shortcode output with O2. Unfortunatley the job details page is based on a theme page… Docs to override that details page they describe here: But…since O2 is bypassing Themes what is left for me to do to style that details page.

Have a look at my sandbox and click on the green job links to open the job details page, or open a job details page right here:


Whistle Design Set

Arya Design Set

  1. Johan says

    We also use the WP Job Openings plugin with Oxygen and it was relatively easy to work with.
    I’m not 100% sure anymore how I did it, but I believe I used a codeblock to call the function for displaying the form, while using the regular title and content fields for the rest.
    Just make sure you use AJAX on submit, and set the template to show on a single job opening.

  2. Robert says

    Thanks! 👍

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