the answer for all question about Oxygen Builder plugin and WordPress
  1. John Dalezios says

    it is rather easy, add a repeater field from oxygen tools, then go to the structure, select the repeater field and choose the source of your query.

    If you are doing just posts (blog etc) you might wanna select easy posts if not, select your query (posts or if you use CPTUI the new post type) then if you have categories or tags you can select them as well. and that is it pretty much.

    If your process is successful you will see a number of black elements equivalent to the number of your post type items you query. after that it is up to you how you will style them and display the content as well.

    If you have an image, you will have to add image and then select [data] and select the ACF field that has the image, same for text and every other element included to that acf block.

    hope this was helpfull

  2. Taylor Drayson says

    Sadly Oxygen doesn’t work with options page. You will need to use a codeblock

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