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How do I change a link within a text field?

How do I change a link within a text field?

Right now, most of the field is simple text, but part of it is a link.

If I select the hyperlinked text and click the link settings button, it changes the entire text field into a text link field. I’ve tried double-clicking in the visual editor, and nothing happens. I’ve tried pasting in the HTML, and pasting in the formatted text from Word but it doesn’t look right.

I’m sure there’s a simple way to edit the text link that is part of the text field, perhaps with a link UI box, or perhaps an HTML editor box, but I can’t seem to find it.

Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated for this Oxygen newbee! 😊


  1. Zaid Crowe says

    If I’m understanding this, you’d be better using a rich text component rather than just text or a link

  2. Anwar Jacobs says

    If you added a span for the hyperlink then you must edit the span.

  3. Ralph McGinnis says

    I imported the Fancy Freelancer templates and am trying to modify these. I thought modifying a prebuilt design would be easier than starting from scratch since I’m so new at Oxygen. It contains a text field in the footer that has a hyperlink as part of the field. I don’t know how they did it, if there is a span, or how to access the span. Anwar, If you can guide me to how to access the HTML behind the text box, like a span, that would be very helpful. Or I can just delete and try the rich-text component that Zaid is recommending…

  4. Ralph McGinnis says

    According to, there’s supposed to be a formatting toolbar with a span button at the top of the screen when I’m editing, but I don’t see the formatting toolbar. Do I have to do something to make the formatting toolbar visible?

  5. Joe Purnell says

    Double click the text in the preview itself, not in the “Content” box and the toolbar will then appear

  6. Ralph McGinnis says

    Thank you Joe, Zaid, and Anwar! I got the toolbar up, there was no span, but it had the link editor there, so I was able to set the linked URL to what I needed it. You guys are all very helpful and much appreciated!!!

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