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How do I restore a site from a backup on a hard drive?

How do I restore a site from a backup on a hard drive?

So my laptop died. But I had a recent copy of the files (WP install) on an external HDD. Is it possible for me to just install WP on my new laptop and then overwrite the directory with the external HDD? I do not think I have a recent All in one WP backup of the site. Just literally the files.

BTW – The data like posts, pages is not so important, but the Oxygen/CPT/ACF stuff is what I’d mainly like to restore.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


  1. Massimo Sabbatucci says

    …if you also backed up the database…

  2. Williams Bonnel says

    nope you’ll need the mysql backup as well. Then you’ll have to search-replace all the links based on the domain name/local name.

  3. Nate Galloway says

    dang it. I was afraid of this. So there is no way to recover the Oxygen/ACF related stuff?

  4. Francis Dar says

    If the hard drive is not the cause of the laptop failure, you can get the hard drive from the laptop and boot it on another computer. That way, all your files and programs can be accessed and you can do the backup from there

  5. Ryan Krause says

    how do you know the drive is toast? booting a drive is different then opening one for file browsing.

  6. Julian Schnippering says

    Next time just grab a backup using wp plugin duplicator. That saves the files including the database and offers easy restoring ways.

    Sorry that happened to you.

  7. John McBade says

    I like “All In One Migration” myself. Less expensive and easier to use. You just need to have the right resources enabled for PHP (easy to do). The Oxygen Builder (developers)use AIO if that matters to you.

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