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How would you feel if Oxygen’s next major version was not backwards compatible?

How would you feel if Oxygen’s next major version was not backwards compatible? Assuming it was the bees-knees: fast builder, no issues, great developer experience, etc, etc. Would you take that if you knew that you would have to re-do your websites?
I know that this has happened in the past (was it v1>v2? or v2>v3?), and I can only imagine how hard it would be for devs to bring in new changes without introducing breaking ones. I’m definitely not jealous of the devs when it comes to this.
Personally, I would take those breaking changes if it were to become the builder I know it can be. I’m curious to know what others think.


  1. Wes Walz says

    Creating imaginary problems? You must be low on work.

  2. Sridhar Katakam says

    There was no need to re-do sites done in versions before v2 with v2. They continued to work fine and get official support.

  3. Luke Allen says

    Probably save a lot more time and headaches in the future, for the sake of copying and pasting sections using hydrogen. Well worth it for me (considering I’ve not built too many sites in Oxygen 😅).

  4. Sunny Trochaniak says

    It does keep me up at night sometimes, but I have faith.

  5. Max Zimmer says

    It would be concerning for anyone who’s made or uses design sets.

  6. Adam Tang says

    Nothing. Life is hacking.

  7. Martin Man Choquette-Scott says

    Too many questions. Not enough solutions. OK BYE

  8. J Karel Broer says

    Is this a new way to get secret inside release information out or is this type of posts the new variation of digital gossip news? 🤔

    #nonfo #oxytainment #swipeleft

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