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I am having troubles reducing the initial server response time on my client’s si

I am having troubles reducing the initial server response time on my client’s site. The site is on VultrHF with 1-core CPU, 2GB RAM, managed by Cloudways. And … the client doesn’t want to pay much more than this.

I also use a caching plugin and Cloudflare DNS & CDN. The PHP version is 7.4.X and I increased the PHP memory limit to 1024 MB.

All in all… the initial server response time is still over 1.3 s (goal: < 600 ms) I am just wondering if these are the culprits: 1) Code Snippets plugin: I got a few PHP functions on there so these might affect server-side rendering 2) One conditional logic on a landing page just to make content update more flexible for the client I also have Google Site Kit and Hubspot plugins. I know I know these are unnecessary but my client is not at all tech-savvy. Thanks for any advice!


  1. Mitch Redekopp says

    Start with disabling 1. And seeing your score

  2. Shibbir Ahmad says

    My suggestion will be, check memory allocation for WordPress by checking health status ( server section). If moemory is not enough, increase it by editing wp-config.php .
    You may also allocate memory for admin area. For one of my sites, server response time was high & page load time was 500+ Ms, after doing this overall page load time is around 200ms.
    Hope it helps, although it’s a basic knowledge & you may have already applied this.

  3. Marcin Neuman says

    I’d start with installing another clean wp (or wp with oxy) and checking the server response. This way you’ll quickly know if it’s a problem with your wp specific install or with the server itself.

  4. Adam J. Humphreys says

    That’s a lot of memory and way more than most people need lol. What exactly is this site?

  5. Alex Tester says

    Sounds a lot like one of my sites, if you want to open a dialogue on PM maybe we can help eachother out. I’ve been assuming it’s a custom function of mine but less sure now.

  6. Vijay Kumar says

    Use CyberPanel and ls cache plugin

  7. Jornes Sim says

    Cloudflare CDN is never enough. You will need another CDN.

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