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I am loving #OXYGEN again.

I am loving #OXYGEN again.

Many of us have been frustrated with Oxygens speed of late, from page load, saving, resetting element styles etc. I was looking else where for a better workflow builder experience. I almost became a petrol attendant 🙂

I decided to go back to basics. Installed Oxygen only with Woo. Nothings else. Niks nie. And I am loving it. Everything feels snappier. Page speed down from 30+ sec to around 15 sec, save 3 sec (both 3.8 and 3.9 alpha). I was afraid to click the widget style reset. No more.

I have Hydrogen installed at the moment and all still good.
I would usually use Oxygen with Oxygen Elements for WooCommerce, OxyExtras, Oxy Toolbox, Hydrogen Pack, Advanced Scripts, Oxymade css framework.
I will continue adding plugins one by one and the Oxymade framework to see who is the speed killer and try to update this post. Hopefully this helps the community.


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