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I am using webp pictures and uploading them from my Cpanel.

I am using webp pictures and uploading them from my Cpanel.
When I add an image, it’s no problem; I can add the alternative text since I can’t add an alt description.
However, when I use a picture for the background, there is no way to add alt text, so Google does not fit.

Any ideas, the normal <img src=”img_girl.jpg” alt=”Girl in a jacket” width=”500″ height=”600″> does not work.

Thanks in advanced.


  1. Juan Carlos Garcia Alonso says

    Webp images are not supported by around 10% of the browser used currently. I’m not sure if it is a good idea. Why don’t you consider uploading ordinary jpg and use a plugin to serve WebP images to the supporting browsers and serving jpg to non-supported browser.

  2. Robert Chan says

    for regular if there’s no alt text you can add attribute under advance settings and add whatever attributes you wnat

  3. Brenda Malone says

    Background and purely decorative images should NOT have ALT text.

  4. Dylan Voerman says

    WordPress 5.8 is slated for release on July 20, 2021. Adding support for WebP

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