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I bought Oxygen, but have not yet used it in anger, and am still developing usin

I bought Oxygen, but have not yet used it in anger, and am still developing using Elementor.
I am surprised at the price of the add-ons , plugins in the hundreds of pounds vs many in elementor in the tens of pounds.

Every time I see the new great plugin for Oxygen mentioned in this group, I’m really interested, then get turned off by the high prices.


  1. Mariah Vicary says

    It’s more for designing from scratch, but makes it easy easier than code. I recommend one framework and maybe an editor enhancer + hydrogen as only really things you need. Or you could charge clients for functionality they need. It’s super flexible.

  2. Nate Galloway says

    so far the ones I have gotten that are higher costs have made that back and more. But I understand sticker shock. But you can also use Oxygen very well without plugins too.

  3. Konnie Surmann says

    I use Oxygen without paid plugins. Works just fine.

  4. Silke Krack says

    If you take a closer look at the price, you will notice that it is mostly for unlimited websites and a lifetime license.
    In contrast to elementor, where there is usually a sufficient fee per website and, above all, an annual fee.

  5. Annie S. Anderson says

    I find that with Oxygen, I rarely need any addons

  6. Simon Polis says

    You don’t need any of them. They are just used by people without basic coding skills πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  7. Glenn Rieger says

    I only use two plugins all the time and I only have them because I am lazy AF. πŸ™‚

  8. Eric Embacher says

    Hydrogen Pack, Oxy Toolbox and Editor Enhancer are absolutely critical to use Oxygen (I mean, unless you don’t care about things like copy and paste) in order to correct the many design flaws in the core UI. Unless you prefer to build every single component from scratch, you’re going to want Oxy Extras at a minimum, Oxy Ultimate is handy too (it’s not a question of them being difficult to build, but time-consuming). SO yes, IMO you’re right it’s fairly expensive to use Oxygen. Plus, be prepared for productivity to take a big hit when it takes 30+ seconds just to open the editor. Good luck! Maybe you want to take a look at something more modern like Bricks Builder?

  9. Esta Schoeman says

    I also use vanilla Oxygen with only Hydrogen pack

  10. Jason Vargas says

    I only have hydrogen and have been able to build two sites just fine

  11. Tom Lai says

    Supply and demand

  12. Gary M. Smith says

    Are the prices really higher for Oxygen specific third party plugins and addons than those that are specific to Elementor? I’ve been using E, for years, but have been keeping an eye on Oxy, for about the same amount of time. From what I saw, the prices seemed pretty consistent, from one builder’s third party plugins to the other.

  13. Terris Ng says

    Too many developers for elementor, vs too little developers for Oxygen builder, it’s a simple concept

  14. Ciong Bun Hin says

    Actually i always hope, the O2 core will have those features of some plugins, and in term of timing it should already. Plugin that may help help O2 for a while but It is like a bad word of mouth. “yeah O2 is great builder and great price too, but looks you will need each of plugins at price even higher if you are no great at code while O2 landing page advertise differently” hope O2 team really consider it.

  15. Dominik Klon says

    you need only Hydrogen and only if you hate clicking like me

  16. Jeremy Hanlon says

    I’ve never used an addon. You don’t need them. This isn’t elementor or beaver builder.

  17. Jim Barr says

    You say you have not yet used it. Why not? Learn how to use it, become proficient with it, THEN decide if you need plugins. You’ll never know how it really compares to Elementor unless you actually use it. Judging a product you own without even using it seems ludicrous.

  18. T.J. Pierce says

    I didn’t even read the 30+ comments but if you bought Oxygen Builder and your still using Elementor then I feel sorry for you

  19. Nataőa Kukovič says

    yeah, but Oxygen addons are for life (almost all the important ones), the Elementor addons are yearly so in the long run Elementor is a lot more expensive…

  20. Albert Nurick says

    You don’t need any Oxygen add-ons

  21. Jan GA van Herp says

    You dont need any addons.

  22. Phillip Wesley-Brown says

    I kinda stop reading when you said you’ve never used it. End of!

  23. Ronny Strowick says

    Okay, let’s keep it simple: Oxygen is for professionals or people who like to become one.

    So let’s say you are a business starter as a mechanic. What kind of tools you buy? The cheap ones for major public or the professional tools?

    Secondly the Oxygen community wants a high level of quality. So if someone develops some crappie Add-on, the community find out very soon and nobody will buy it.

    Have a good start into the week and give it a try. If it’s nothing for you, then stick with Elementor. Why not? πŸ€™

  24. Jasper VK says

    Ik have no additional plugins at all. Not needed. People buy plugins for functionality they cannot create themselves. You will be better of spending the money on development courses which will bring more value over the years.

  25. Andy Stylianou says

    From my point of view I find the unlimited licensing of the oxy ecosystem to be a major plus. Sure, it can be expensive to start, as unlimited licensing is a higher upfront cost, but once your oxy site output gets going, the savings are massive.

  26. Harry Buckley says

    I am like yourself in that I have had Oxygen for a while and have not really used it in anger BUT the tool is getting better and better. I have invested in OxyNinja which I think provides quality components and the type of components that I would create in a website. Again like yourself I like Elementor. It was the first page builder I used and even the free version did allow me to create one or two websites that I am proud of. Oxygen needs to be learned but I believe that it would be a good investment in time. The library examples are good also.

  27. Michele Bugiolacchio says

    considering I come from elementor and all its plugins have similar prices but are yearly and not one-off, this is either a joke post or someone must’ve skipped a bunch of math classes, like.. all of them.

  28. Kamal Redzwan Rasyid says

    Elementor is per year, Oxygen is lifetime.
    Nuff said.

  29. Sahil Hassan says

    Addons just increases the speed of the workflow, you can survive with any of them. personally i just use hydrogen pack, just in rare occasions i use oxyextras.

  30. Jasper Tan says

    Depends on the client’s job n budget. Why argue…

  31. Kyle Blunt says

    I found them way cheaper than all the Elementor ones (as pointed out numerous times – lifetime deals here usually, not just annual fees). Especially that Crocoblock lot after they raised their prices by an insane amount. The one area I do find overpriced are the form plugins though. Fluent especially. I use Piotnet, as that was $99 for lifetime, unlike Fluent who are wanting $559!

  32. Marin Knezevic says

    Pro tools are always a bit pricier than the amateur ones. πŸ˜‰

  33. Ralf D. Schmidt says

    Have you ever compared the licenses?
    yearly vs one-time payment
    limited number of websites vs all websites
    Then you see the differences even more clearly!

  34. Dustin Dauncey says

    I too am a bit turned off by this and has prevented me from jumping full steam into Oxygen. Just the price to use a good form plugin on unlimited sites is hundreds of dollars a year alone, more than all of Elementor which includes a pretty decent form builder (but of course could still be improved). I’ve never come across a WordPress plugin for page or theme building that doesn’t have a form plugin built-in… until I saw Oxygen. Sure, some of the free plugins may suffice for most of my client’s form needs, but not all, and I don’t like paying for a single site license if I can avoid it and passing it on, I’d much rather own it for unlimited sites and then sort of “upgrade” all my client sites as part of their hosting package with me.

  35. Ken Lee says

    Even if we assume you are right, Oxygen already saved a lot on plugins and good hosting that are made to increase speed on bloated sites.

    I am currently running my sites on a cheap Hostinger shared server but the speed is still great.

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