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I don’t understand why the product thumbnails just stack one on top of the other

I don’t understand why the product thumbnails just stack one on top of the other. Universally across all WordPress themes, these thumbnails turn into a nice slider and the product image continue to change upon clicking the thumbnails.

and to make the matter worse, non of the third party solutions seem to work with Oxygen that would potentially remedy the issue. Not that I would want another plugin just for this. I would expect this to be part of core.

There is also no WooCommerce Mini Cart Cart built into Oxygen either.

The WooCommerce experience is underwhelming out of the box without any third party add-ons.

Another thing, it seems that when a third party add-on developer creates a solution to fill in an Oxygen Gap, the features seem like it never appear in core.

Like how Hydrogen Pack offers Copy and Paste and many Oxygen users have Hydrogen pack. It seems a feature like this will never appear in Core and the best part is that when you combine all of these third party Oxygen add-ons, it takes forever and a day for the builder to load.

When you start adding all of these third party solutions it creates an unpleasant developing experience. By themselves, I’m sure they can fulfill some of the Oxygen gaps but collectively the experience is not good.

How great would it be if Oxygen could copy and past across domains without any third party add ons?

Simple things like having the Mobile menu icons be animated are non existent. Here we go having to purchase another add-on to make this work like Oxy Extas.

Plus the header builder still has the fixed 3 columns even though the majority of the Group showed interest in having more flexibility in regards to controlling the amount of columns that appear in the header builder. Those same 3 columns start giving issues when you start adding icons next to the menu.

Which of course would cause us to have to make our own header builder with divs.

I would like to see improvements in the Core Oxygen experience. Especially in the WooCommerce area.


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