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I dream about Oxygen improving the speed of work in the user interface in the ba

I dream about Oxygen improving the speed of work in the user interface in the backend (changing to Vue, for example … such hearing goes out in the city). Yesterday im edit a page with a form (some php widgets inserts), image and some text only … nightmare


  1. Robert Chan says

    Create sections as empty re-usable parts and lay them out where they should go
    then edit the re-usable parts individually, and then voila the whole page will come together without you having to edit the whole page at once.

    work smart, not hard πŸ˜‰

  2. TomΓ‘Ε‘ Hudolin says

    The speed of the backend is really nightmare.Maybe the oxy is one of the best in frontend,but backend…

  3. Chris Green says

    Ice got pretty good hosts and have never had a problem with oxygen on the backend. Loads in under 10 seconds and works very well

  4. Charlie Sasser says

    That is exactly why I moved away from Oxy months ago even though I purchased LD and passed 60 day mark. To much time waiting even on Local to learn. I keep monitoring this group in hopes this will be solved soon. Maybe then I can recover my investment and become an Oxy enthusiast again.

  5. Terry Gooding says

    I’m the same it’s a brilliant tool and the speed of the front end is very impressive – exactly what a developer needs. The back end though is painfully slow.

  6. Steve Reed says

    Has it ever been discussed here just what is going on behind that rotating cog?

    If all I want to do is edit a line of text, how much time am I waiting for the 20 design sets to load, the global settings panels, the icon sets, the premade helpers and components…

    Is it one massive JS file that’s loading everything? Perhaps it can be split, or loaded in a logical hierarchy….

    And whatever it is doing technically, why is it not cached? Even if you are editing a page and click the header > “open & edit template” that doesn’t go straight to editing the template. It sends you back to WordPress to start all over again.

  7. Hakira Shymuy says

    So much complaining… change to elementor or do like me, vscode πŸ™‚

  8. Joe Purnell says

    I’m quite an impatient person but it honestly doesn’t bother me. I can do things so much quicker in Oxygen than in builders like Elementor or Divi, that it offsets waiting 10 seconds for the backend to load.

  9. Daniel Florian says

    Get rid of all the extra bullshit you have loaded (design sets, add-ons with everything loaded, etc.) that is unnecessary.
    I only have Hydrogen pack and otherwise plain Oxygen. Don’t have any issues with loading etc. only time I have any β€œlag” is when I’ve been working within the editor for a long time (over an hour). A quick browser refresh gets it back to normal.
    I’m on shared hosting (Litespeed server) with average specs.

  10. Michael Allam says

    I don’t have this issue with oxygen, I must just be lucky. My backend loads just as quick as any of the other builders…

  11. Zbynek Smetana says

    I like oxygen but this “snail speed” is annoying. This is comment of (i think) one of the other builder developer cite ” The problem i see with Oxygen ( regarding builder speed ) is the fact that they are using Angular JS which is not as fast as Vue js or react. Elementor uses an even older technology ( backbone js, although, in their new updates they started adding React ). On the other hand, both Bricks and Zion Builder use Vue JS which is one of the fastest JS framework and has a great community behind it. At this moment, it will be very hard ( almost impossible ) for both Oxygen and Elementor to change their backbone framework”

  12. Albert Nurick says

    If the editing process is slow, you probably have crappy hosting.

  13. Max Zimmer says

    It’s pretty unfortunate it takes so long to load the editor. For me, it can take anywhere from 10-30 seconds for the initial load.. That’s actually the reason I built Context Switching:

  14. Travis Love says

    Just get bricks builder as well, I have both. It loads in 2 seconds.

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