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I found a cool free plugin that allows you to add columns in the admin panel of

I found a cool free plugin that allows you to add columns in the admin panel of a custom post type, I thought I would share. It is integrated right into ACF. Just flip a switch in your ACF item and it will then show in your admin. I know there is a way to do this with code, but this is so easy and fast.

Saya menemukan plugin bebas keren yang memungkinkan Anda untuk menambahkan kolom di panel admin dari jenis postingan khusus, saya pikir saya akan berbagi. Ini terintegrasi langsung ke ACF. Cukup balikkan tombol di item ACF Anda dan kemudian akan muncul di admin Anda. Saya tahu ada cara untuk melakukan ini dengan kode, tetapi ini sangat mudah dan cepat.

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  1. Andre says

    Oh, but it hasn’t been updated in 2 years

  2. Nate says

    Is it safe to use?

  3. Sunny says

    I can’t remember if I used this exact plugin, but being able to show ACF fields in an admin column was super handy!

  4. Juan says

    I used it like 2 month ago. That one or a similar one. Works like a charm, just for mobile versión I had to tweak the css a bit.

  5. Juan says

    Sorry is Admin Column Pro. Totally recommended.

  6. Sash says

    Use Metabox 😉 no need other plugins

  7. Budi says

    or this ACF alternative all fields pro in ACF free here:

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