the answer for all question about Oxygen Builder plugin and WordPress
  1. Avril Roy-Smith says

    But he did say no to WordPress, so no Oxygen.

  2. Joseph Then NK says

    Then let’s go hardcore: Notepad

  3. Reko Mäkelä says

    Why would you not use a WP for a site like that? Just dont use Divi or Elementor and your fine.

  4. Alex Maori says

    Hosted at I’m sure

  5. Will Hunter says

    Where can I apply

  6. Konstantin Fedorov says

    It’s ok but wp will be cheaper + better admin features compared to most of framework based )

  7. Rich Deane says

    Let me guess… he has a $500 budget and wants it tomorrow…

  8. Casey McMullen says

    Unless he’s got hidden dev skills this is a really bad idea

  9. James Lee says

    Hey look.if someone hand codes this for 500 then I’m keeping an eye on the url… I’ll keep the guy busy and buy a boat and take up fishing Monday to Friday

  10. Will Hunter says

    While everyone’s standing around making jokes, I basically just robbed you of 500 big ones.

  11. Henry Seddon says

    What a melt… rather stick a few pencils up my arse than work for this knob! Really interested to see the stats in a months time.

    Anyone run them currently? GTmetrix and

  12. Jared Ledbetter says

    So, Envato HTML Themes?

  13. Lee Busch says

    There’s gotta be an interesting story here. Maybe his Divi site was hacked, or he had an inept or unethical developer. If anyone does talk to him vs just commenting here, please update the thread!

  14. Carolyn Breninger says

    Someone who doesn’t really know what they want, but thinks they do. 😳

  15. Wilson Ng says

    No WordPress, that includes no go for oxygen.

  16. Shanda Lynn Watts says

    **Opens up Dreamweaver**

    Catch you nay sayers later.

    (Totally kidding on all of the above)

  17. Terris Ng says

    Tell him to find one at the comedy club!

  18. Paul Hogden says

    He may have a long wait. He’ll probably still want to update it himself.

  19. Jornes Sim says

    $500 to get hand-coded website? 1 page? or Half-page? 😆

  20. ムース コデリアス says

    The budget is $500 for the project, but they’re selling the puppies for $3k each. Come on dude.

  21. Nauman says

    hey i need a purebred german rottweiler puppy and i don’t understand why or know anything about breeding them so lemme just tell you that i definitely will not tell you why i need one but will absolutely tell you that i really really really need this puppy to have been found in the wild and then captured and then automatically domesticated and then automatically house-trained. i do not want a puppy that was carefully and professionally bred using any existing breeding or training methods. kthx i’ll give u like nine dollars

  22. Evan Martinez says

    The dogs are literally 3k 😂

  23. Aldin Lapinig says

    Doable. $10k minimum

  24. Jeff Callen says

    It’s really easy to hand code a mess that only one dev can figure out!

  25. Philippe Lai Quo Jenn says


  26. PK Son says

    His current website seems to be made with Divi.

    This guy seems like he knows how things work.

    (just in case: this was a sarcastic comment)

  27. PK Son says

    Kate Britton he’s trying to get a dog at 1/6th Rottweiler. That should be how people talk to him. “Sorry I can’t match your quote, I usually require at least three Rotts to start”

  28. Steve Evans says

    Use a static website generator

  29. James Chapman says

    Wouldn’t go near that for £5000, dude is clearly going to be an impossible client 😂

  30. Michael John says

    Would build the site for free. However, to deal with this type of client: £15,000.

  31. Janos Moga says

    For me is rather sad. Based on what I see, there are some not willing to pay for the tool they earn money with. 😢

  32. Frederick Lim says

    What about Django?

  33. Paul Hogden says

    I presume his budget was a typo?

  34. Hayden Tomas says

    Hugo and would make that pretty doable but yeah you need a watertight contract.

  35. Henry Seddon says

    He is a pain in the arse customer. Even I’d avoid and ill deal with majority.

  36. David Bolwell says

    sounds like the best customer ever. Would be great to work for. Might charge just double just for kicks.

  37. Adam Andrews says

    All I can think of is the two old ladies in that commercial about “the wall.”

    “That’s not how any of this works.”

    I don’t understand.

    All of that for $500 and a bag of chips.

  38. Bradley Higgins says

    They want to be married to the webmaster for a lifetime. Guess that Is a good deal for the webmaster

  39. Zvonko Biškup says

    October CMS?

  40. Sharif Jameel says

    I wonder how many hits he got…

  41. Vũ Quang Vinh says

    There is an idiom: No matter if the black cat or white , as long as it catches mice.

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