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I have a few questions about client handoff in WordPress & Oxygen.

I have a few questions about client handoff in WordPress & Oxygen.

We always used Craft for our projects, and it was great in terms of flexibility for the client after the completion of the project. The client could create new pages and completely choose how the page would be structured. They could add/edit/remove different section field matrixes in the admin config that got translated into sections on the page. Sections like a card section could be configured to have a certain amount of cards and a certain amount of cards per row.



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  1. Sebastian says

    Kristof Sweerts the promise of the Gutenberg plugin, one if not the major selling point for us, is the biggest letdown as of today. It allows for very limited possibilities for clients. It is the reason why we can’t use Oxygen on more than a few select projects.

    There’s a support page with a video showcasing the plugin here

    The same principle as in any movie applies: if you don’t see it, it hasn’t happened.

  2. Vit says

    The custom Gutenberg blocks work quite nicely, just do not make the mistake of making the whole page editable with Gutenberg. This option converts the whole page into a giant GB blog with endless properties for buttons, links, etc. and you won’t know which belongs to what. You can also use MetaBox/ACF.

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