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I have a huge site that is a hot mess, and I want to redo it in Oxygen. My hosting doesn’t have stag

I have a huge site that is a hot mess, and I want to redo it in Oxygen. My hosting doesn’t have staging per se, but suggested that I create a subdomain, block anyone from seeing it, and do the work there. When it’s ready, they would move it to the “main” folder, and remove all references to the subdomain in the database (domain,com/staging/?) It seems like I’ve seen posts where y’all have had problems when moving a site from staging to regular. Do you think this would be a problem too, and maybe I should just do it on a different host?


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  1. Solomon says

    Whenever I had problems with moving an oxygen site, it would instantly resolve by going into oxygen settings and signing all the shortcodes as well as regenerating the CSS. Shouldn’t be an issue.

  2. Bob says

    I don’t know why people bother with migration plugins. Never used one.

    Copy files from sub domain to main folder.

    Change site and home url in db to live url.

    Login to new website and install better search and replace. Then change old url to new url.

    Then reset permalinks. Sign shortcodes and reset cached css ( but I don’t usually turn this on til after it’s live)

    Never failed me this method.

  3. Nate says

    I’d work locally then go up to production. Also, I’d use the all in one migration plugin to move between environments

  4. Jill says

    Another question – if I go the subdomain route, installing Oxygen on it won’t affect the main site, will it? Or will it?

  5. Karen says

    This is how I work, make a sub, build out the new site, delete the old, clone the new onto the main. I will sometimes have to resign shortcodes. It’s a pretty painless process.

  6. Matt says

    In general, moving a website from one (e.g. staging) to another (e.g. production) host or domain or even folder needs some work.
    With Oxy, you’ll have at least one extra step: Signing shortcodes. That’s a security feature. In some cases you’ll also have to regenerate CSS cache.
    That’s about …. let me count … four clicks in total.

    What I usually find the easiest way to do:
    Source site: Install Duplicator (free). Create archive.
    Destination site (blank folder and database): Upload archive, install with Duplicator’s installer.php. Resign Oxygen shortcodes.
    Done. A matter of a few minutes.

    If something still not working, this tutorial covers it all:

  7. Casey says

    How I do it
    1. Develop on subdomain (can be any domain)
    2. Change domain in WordPresss Settings once ready to launch
    3. Jump into server settings and point the domain of the site to the development folder.
    4. Use “Better Search Replace” to find any instances of the development domain and switch over (handy for background images in Oyxgen).

    Simple. No issues. No dramas. Just works for me.

  8. Jill says

    Ok, I’mma do it! Thanks everyone.

  9. Jay says

    Could always do it locally and then push it live on a clean install of WordPress with All in One Migration 🙂

  10. John says

    My 2 cents opinion is… Always do backups. I do them on the site using All In One Migration AND I use it to download a copy locally to my development environment. MAMP or Flywheel work great for the local server. AIO is the simplist to use, least expensive and creates a “package” that includes both the site files and the DB.

    Remember: The only thing you don’t need to back up is that wich you are willing to lose. Also, that one time you forget or fail to back up is usually the time you wish you had.

    I also use cPanel to create “raw” backups to “backup my backup” 🙂 I usually do this for a new project when I take over another’s work/site or say once a month if I have a project with a ton of changes, or, before I make changes that could break a site, but All In One rarely lets me down. It does need specific PHP settings and they may need modifying in some rare cases, but usually not. Inadequate resources is the only time it has on rare occasion fallen short in my use of it. I just updated the resources and did the backup again. No big deal.

    I also use AIO on my localhost version of the site to make incremental backups, using the note field to describe the states and changes I have made as I work. I can easily roll back to any point that way. It’s quick and simple with one step.

    I always makes changes, re-writes and design changes in my local environment and then overwrite the live site when I am happy and confident my work is producing the desired results.

    Lastly, the most often question I have seen in this group by new users is because someone migrated a site and didn’t sign the shortcodes in the Oxygen security section. It’s asked almost everyday 🙂

    Yes I know that Oxygen 4.0 is going to JSON but there will still be some plugins not using JSON yet and they may need their shortcodes signed still. Shortcodes are not going away, just being reduced in use. WordPress is still going to be using them also.

  11. Lew says

    I migrated the old site to a sub domain. Then wiped out the main and did a redirect to the sub. Built up the new site and the removed the redirect.

  12. Zulfikar says

    It doesn’t matter, it’s just more work. Usually it takes me 1-3 hours. I think, redo in subdomain for existing website is the best approach to maintain SERP stability.

  13. Helmar says

    Use ww2 instead of www and do a database search and replace afterwards. This way any serialised string lengths remain intact, where you would normally run into problems.

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