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I have a page with three sections.

I have a page with three sections.

I’m trying to re-order sections via the structure pane by dragging and dropping. I’ve been trying to do a simple drag-drop for about ten minutes now.

I might be doing something dumb, but I can’t figure out what it might be.

Is it typical for drag-drop operations within the structure pane to be difficult?


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  1. Niko says

    drag & drop is a bit clunky. Just move it very slowly; it takes a bit of getting used to . If you’re using Hydrogen, you can just cut the section and paste it where you need it, or use a keyboard shortcut to move them up and down in the structure panel (I am using STRG+ Up/Down arrow)

  2. Matt says

    Sometimes it’s easier to use the purple badge in the main part of the screen.

  3. Kamal says

    Make sure the section above the location where you want to drag the new section is in the “Collapse All” mode.

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