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I hope somebody of you can help, with the header visability.

I hope somebody of you can help, with the header visability.

I have a template for header and footer and the inner content in different page. in this page i use a widget with a code-block and the widget is overlay the header. that is fine for me (pic 1)

In (pic 2) the sticky header is overlaying the widget and i don’t know how to make it like in pic 1.
I try to preset the layout/ Z-index too 2 for the widget and preset the Z-index for the sticky header into -1 ; 0 ; and 1 but it still cutting the widget (pic2)
Did somebody have an idea?


  1. David Ross says

    The sticky header will have a very high z-index (check dev console). The only approach is to make sure your widget has an even higher z-index than the header

  2. Vaquero Rodrigo Rosales says

    I had the same problem and is correct is the z index of the header is ridiculously is like 3883838377373737363….

    I fix it with yellow pincel.because with de normal menu of oxygen doesn’t show the number of Z index.

  3. Emilio Mummer says

    thanks for quick answer, now i got it. yes i put sticky header Z-index to 1 and now also the (dev) of the whole header to 1, cause it was empty.

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