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I need some advice

I need some advice
Using ACF, CPT & Grid Builder to list a page of links

So quite simply I have a custom field for web url, when I add this to the Title, it is not pulling the data correctly, take a look at these links, they are all the same. However, if you see Print Screen, the data is the Custom Field, so I am just not sure why.

[oxygen data=’custom_acf_link’ settings_path=’web_address’]


  1. Barry Smith says

    When I look at the source, it shows that there is no URL added. mmm

  2. Barry Smith says

    I think this is a bug, if the URL in the ACF does not contain a www, it does not get recognised. I have added the www. to this URL and it works. Very odd bug.

  3. Barry Smith says

    Reported via GitHub

  4. Barry Smith says

    So just an update, now I am not sure if this issue above is a bug with Oxygen Builder or not, perhaps someone at SOFFLY can reply.

    Earlier I updated one of my custom posts by changing the URL and it seemed to work, so at the point, I thought the issue was the www not being present in the URL, So I uploaded a completely new list with updated URL’s, and that did not work, the links are still not working, so upon inspection, it turns out that the Custom Field is someone not registering (my term, not sure what techs would call it) When I open one of the posts and just Save again, then the URL works,

    I uploaded all the data using SOFFLY All Import, So it would see I will have to go and save every single posts manually unless someone can explain what I need to do. Any advice is welcome.

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