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I need some help that’s not specifically oxygen related but it needs to play nic

I need some help that’s not specifically oxygen related but it needs to play nice. I need to be able to give certain members access to only specific pages to edit. I had a plugin I used for this years ago, that site is now gone and I cannot remember the name. I could create roles and assign specific page edit abilities to those roles and then add members to said roles. Ring any bells for anyone?

Saya butuh bantuan yang tidak terkait oksigen secara khusus tetapi perlu bermain bagus. Saya harus bisa memberikan akses kepada anggota tertentu ke halaman tertentu untuk mengedit. Saya punya plugin yang saya gunakan selama bertahun-tahun yang lalu, situs itu kini hilang dan saya tidak bisa mengingat namanya. Saya bisa membuat peran dan menetapkan halaman tertentu mengedit kemampuan untuk peran tersebut dan kemudian menambahkan anggota untuk peran. Membunyikan lonceng untuk siapa pun?

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  1. Lloyd Plueschow says

    Following 😎

  2. John Deaton says

    I use this one. I like it.

  3. Yves Malouin says

    WP Frontend User Pro does all you mentioned. Although, I am deceived by the way they brake things when they update. It’s like if no one is talking to each others. Last update, I had to spend 5 hours tweakin all the CSS rules they broke.

  4. Stephen Bliss says

    I use a plugin Remove Dashboard Access. I redirect editors to frontend pages to edit using ACF forms. Keeps clients completely out of the admin.

  5. Cap Emp says

    Advanced Access Manager

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