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I often see a repeated question on here by different people, and that is OK. Not

I often see a repeated question on here by different people, and that is OK. Not everyone follows this page on a daily basis so they might not see an answer to something they do not know.

If you see such a question, please be nice, and answer it and if for some reason it annoys you (I have no idea why, after all it is not your Facebook page), then don’t reply if it annoys you.

Be Nice! there is too much nastiness in this world.


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  1. Michal says

    This group is very nice I do not see many repeated questions here. But I was really annoyed in E group. The thing which annoyed me that the person didn’t spend a minute searching for the answer but straight away asked. E provides tons of tutorials and troubleshooting methods to find the answers to the problem and that is what pissed me off. Laziness of people to search.

  2. Jay says

    We should be nice. Nicely point out that people should search for answers before asking questions in any group or forum.

  3. Shawn says

    Sorry but it’s laziness. Try any forum and you’ll get dragged for not searching. Honestly, searching first is forum etiquette 101. Pop over to Stackexcange and ask things that have been answered and you’ll get the same response.

    And then you get the people who say “I’m sure this has been asked before”. Well if you’re sure, then look for it.

  4. Michael says

    I guess the problem is the diversity in this group. There are a lot of coders in here – in other words: problem-solvers. And there are people that just want to create a website with oxygen but have no clue about the coding part – which is totally fine.

    The problem is: coders that ask questions here, already did the research. They searched the group, searched the web, went to github etc. Then they ask questions here in case someone could already fix it. The research and elaborating is a problem solving skill all coders use daily, heck… hourly. It is also ok when they get annoyed, when people literally ask the same questions 10x a day without using a search engine or the facebook search function only once. Why this is reported? Because it´s spam.

    I agree with you. Be nice. Do a quick research before you ask a question. Then you will get a nice answer. Mostly 😛

  5. Terry says

    Costs nothing to be nice. If that’s not possible then keep scrolling.

  6. Glenn says

    Would be interesting to see if behaviour would change if FB introduced an algorithm that detected and tagged a post that asked a question that has been asked and answered a million times before. Like maybe tag it with an icon of a lazy fat guy in a chair. 🙂 (but it would be better if it just automagically threw up potential posts that answer the persons question and gave them the option to read those instead of post their question). Totally off topic, I know. And yes, I agree we should all play nice.

  7. Max says

    Friendly reminder: Before asking a question; please use the ‘search’ function first to see if your question has been answered before. This simple action will reduce repeat questions clogging up the group.

  8. Dave says

    Max unfortunately most things Fakebook just don’t work that well. Almost like the robot purposely implemented the worst search function ever so you would spend more time on his crappy site.

  9. John says

    I have answered MANY questions more than once and I think I have been nice about it. For many newer visitors and users of Oxygen what is “old news” to us, is brand new to someone just beginning to use Oxygen. Remember how intimidating Oxygen may have been to you at first? You might have even been overwhelmed.

    I think if the search function in Facebook was better, more people might use it. In my opinion it’s not very good. It might be intentional by FB to keep you looking at the page.

    People have tried to use other tools for Oxygen Support, but many like FB (I don’t particularly) but this is where people have “agreed” to meet and discuss. Old habits die hard. I don’t use FB for “social” but only for some products who have elected to use FB for their support forums. I have sorta resigned to FB as a “unfortunately necessary evil” in those cases.

    It has a cost associated, but Digital Ambition’s inner circle at may be an alternative for some. The search there is not especially great in my opinion either though.

    “Be excellent to each other”

  10. Alan says

    This is a great place. But you can’t tell me what to do. Isn’t it the same thing you’re doing here as what you’re complaining about others doing?

    I usually scroll right on by and maintain decorum. Unless it’s yet another question about PHP 8. And then I post this purely for the humor.

  11. Michal says

    Oh guys! I totally forgot😅 this is what I used to do. If the question was silly I just used this tool and pasted the link. It very nicely shows the person on how it is done and he may never ask again before searching😅 Look!

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