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I saw soo many posts complaining about oxygen’s drag & drop not working, bei

I saw soo many posts complaining about oxygen’s drag & drop not working, being awful etc. so I had to do this:
I guess only my copy of oxygen is not broken and just works!


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  1. Shaun says

    Try moving Divs inside other Divs, Tabs, icons, etc. It is crazy frustrating. I think Oxygen 3.6 and 3.7 was much faster in terms of editor speed.

    It was so bad yesterday that I just directly turned of my PC using the power button and went to bed angry. And I am a pretty patient person.

  2. Shahid says

    I too, have a hard time dragging and dropping things in the structure panel. I use Chrome but I’m on a Mac – wonder if other users who are experiencing this problem are on macOS too?

  3. Matt says

    Adrian Sandu, THANK YOU for this video. THIS is how drag & drop works for me, too.
    So our Oxygen copy and machine and software environment must be the same.
    I just can’t understand why others have so many issues with d&d.

  4. Max says

    Same. Loading time is under 10s but still annoying. When I make complex pages is when everything starts lagging.

  5. Zachary says

    Idk. Moving it this way is usually easy. It’s moving stuff inside divs, especially empty ones, and moving around elements with many child elements.

    It has gotten a lot better since 3.8, but far from perfect.

    Also, the whole structure window should be resizable! Most devs and designers have wide screens, c’mon yo

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