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I think a recent update to the oxygen.css broke my site. I got it fixed and foun

I think a recent update to the oxygen.css broke my site. I got it fixed and found the culprit.

The new CSS update added a comment section and a bunch of stuff below it. The section is “Custom HTML tag support” and an example of the tag that broke my layout was:

:is(tr, div._important), :-webkit-any(tr, div._important)
display: table-row;

I got it fixed by setting my “display:grid !important” as an override in my custom css file. But still… a lot of those :is() statements look dangerous to me. Has the Oxygen team heard any problems in this respect? Are those statements really needed? I mean, talk about a global issue, setting every

to table-row… lots of other :is statements in that css file too.


  1. Niko Hannula says

    We really need some control over universal.css, even on simple sites I have to override things with !important.

  2. Peter Felis says

    I think that being forced to use important is always a design flow. So i agree, there is something wrong

  3. Matt Zimmerman says

    I just noticed I had more errors in mobile. So I just erased all that stuff in the new Custom HTML section. But on update it will come back. The devs need to do something to fix this please.

  4. Aaron Gregg says

    I came across another just like this (:is and _important) yesterday at work, forget what right now but I’m constantly fighting against oxygen.css. So irritating.

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