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I was just wondering why every useful bit of information about Oxygen that I sea

I was just wondering why every useful bit of information about Oxygen that I search for in Google inevitably ends up at a WPDevdesign page behind a $500 paywall and not somewhere on an official Oxygen resource page. It’s extremely frustrating when, for instance, you’re trying to code a non-vanilla manual easyposts/repeater query and the only officially supplied information is a pointless list of what you can see with your own eyes in the configuration screen.

Would it really be so hard to have a wiki somewhere, or a list of useful snippets or some other developer focused resource? Even if it was just a list of user-contributed resources that you could search, it would be better than the current four options which are 1) read the Oxygen FAQ (futile), 2) Google it (end up at WPDevdesign), 3) Sit through 30 minutes of one of Elijah’s videos on YouTube and still not get the right answer, 4) Ask here and hope that someone responds. I know that this has been asked about before, particularly with regard to the only official Oxygen support group being on Facebook, but it just feels like the easy way out and one that actively works against the smooth development of sites using Oxygen.


  1. Robert Chan says

    Ask the author Sridhar Katakam, he’s got good SEO I guess 😉

  2. David Work says

    5) Ask Oxygen support. I’ve had great response from them. might somewhat fit the bill.

  3. Jake Muller says

    I got frustrated hitting the WPDD paywall at first, and then I just owned up to the fact that I have a ton to learn, and bought the subscription. Ended up using it and learning so much I just went for lifetime—best investment made other than Oxygen itself.

  4. Doug Hysell says

    Sridhar Katakam writes so many helpful free articles on Oxygen and other dev items. Only feels right to support him. I was a paid member of his Genesis group and got the Lifetime of WPDevDesign and use it quite a lot. Well worth the investment.

  5. James Taylor says

    Tbf WPDD has been an enormous help to me over the past couple of years, well worth the subscription fee.

  6. Roger F. Schulze says

    Wpdevdesign was prob the best purchase ever when I got started out. It’s like he knew what my problem was and by the time I could explain it, a tutorial went up for exactly my use case

  7. Cooper McGee says

    Nothing against WPdevdesign – solid information without doubt – what I am saying is that much of this information should be available through official channels. Easyposts is not a third party add-on, neither is the repeater, they are official components of the Oxygen builder. Custom queries within Easyposts or the Repeater are there because the Oxygen devs put them in, so why not supply the information required to use them, rather than forcing me to pay a fee to another company?

  8. Martín García says

    I don’t own a membership because 1) argentinian, the exchange rate it’s awful, and 2) I want to solve some things on my own. It’s a great resource but you don’t really need it.

    But that’s not the point either and I don’t know why some people are pushing it that way.

    I get what you are saying: Oxygen onboarding process, specifically regarding documentation, it’s awful. There’s a good deal of tutorials, but if you want to dig deeper in how specific elements are implemented… well, you are fucked.

    Instead of documenting the stuff, cross-relating tutorials with their docs at the very least, they keep pushing tutorials for rather specific scenarios. This is nice, but I prefer having a well-documented resource center.

    Also, there’s a issue at GitHub demanding for more API. It’s been a while, there’s an API but not documented. Just to make my point clear.

    Instead of addressing this issue, there’s a lot of people here referring to WPDD. That’s not the point.

  9. Eric Embacher says

    Excellent points and I totally agree (and I wrote an almost identical post about a year ago). Considering this and that 3ed-party add-one are essential (unless you don’t need to ever copy and paste for example) and Oxygen is the most expensive platform around. And then considering that because the UI is so unintuitive that so much time is wasted searching for how to do various things that in other builders are just straightforward and/or automatic…and it’s difficult to stay profitable with Oxygen. It’s why I’m convinced Oxygen won’t last…there are so many better products being developed that provide such a better and more efficient customer experience.

  10. Aleš Sýkora says

    I am giving everything for free at . Just send PM what you need, i will prepare tutorial asap. Also i will move to new domain soon 😌 because I am not that big toolset user since I use oxygen + acf.

  11. Francis Roland Scriven says

    Anybody in business tries to corner the market. Can’t blame the guy for doing a good job.

  12. Dani Ibnu Alfatoni says

    I agree, since i try oxygen i learn everything about WordPress and web development.. and what i found is, oxygen very powerful if you understand how to use it.

    With basic tutorial you can create fast and light weight website.
    With advance tutorial, you can create anything.

  13. Dahni Shaw says

    They have a ton of tutorial videos on YouTube, probably the most I’ve ever seen in their field.

  14. Willem de Vlam says

    First, let me point you at the oxygen community at the discord group. as an additional resource. It has a bunch of snippets.

    second: You may be right that oxygen builder as a product will be limited to people who are skilled in php, js, css and wordpress. After all, googling something only works if you know what the thing your looking for is called. The documentation would be well served if it were supplemented with relevant links to the wordpress dev site.

  15. Aaron Gregg says

    I’m not going to write an essay on this but I do want to say that I was very surprised how Oxygen actually worked once I bought it, how and much I’ve had to fight against it to do things that I want to do – Nothing really advanced, but loads of stuff that needs actual code apparently, and dealing with code and CSS and Oxygen’s own is actually a nightmare.

    I also really don’t understand how people are so happy to just put their code in snippets in a third party plugin and manage it through WordPress itself, or do the same with CSS, and there’s literally no documentation on this and how to achieve what I’d expect to be something reminiscent of a standard developer’s workflow. “Make a custom plugin”, aight, cool, done.. Wanna give us any documentation whatsoever on hooks though? Or enqueued scripts and the like? Or lemme load partials in code blocks and actually be DRY? That’d be great.

    I might have gotten the wrong idea (that Oxygen is a WordPress builder/UI-based solution for developers), but despite the impression floated around Oxygen is not really developer-centric. It is definitely powerful though within that standard sort of WordPress sphere, really good with loads of options, but still surprisingly constrained. It’s good but I don’t know how much it’s going to be for me down the line.

    This was longer than I intended and very much a ramble, apologies!

  16. Michaël Abu-Sada says

    You can also check the Inner Circle of Digital ambition set up by Kevin Geary 😉
    It is 20 $ a month… :

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