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I wish oxygen builder would bring back the audio element they add in the origina

I wish oxygen builder would bring back the audio element they add in the original first build. That was the main reason I bought it . Then took it out theaudio element and add soundcloud element ( I don”t use soundcloud ). Have use a work around. Have contacted oxygen and requested to bring the audio element back or help . Just standard reply thank you. Oxygen builder not great for podcasters. Help from the group.

Saya berharap pembangun oksigen akan mengembalikan elemen audio yang mereka tambahkan di bangunan pertama yang asli. Itulah alasan utama saya membelinya. Kemudian mengeluarkan elemenaudio dan tambahkan elemen soundcloud (saya tidak menggunakan soundcaloud). Gunakan pekerjaan di sekitar. Sudah menghubungi oksigen dan meminta untuk mengembalikan elemen audio atau membantu. Hanya standar balasan terima kasih. Pembina oksigen tidak bagus untuk podcaster. Bantuan dari grup.

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  1. Jamie Owens says

    Could you not have use the HTML audio element?

  2. Andrew Mckim says

    Have you looked into the native audio block in Gute?

  3. Travis Hinton says

    It will take a small amount of CSS to make whatever solution look the way you’d like it to. Its more than worth the time to figure it out. CSS is very easy, and the value per time you put into it is high.

  4. Orrett H Wynter says

    I have used the Sonaar plugin in the past. It was okay, but I moved to something else.

    I am currently testing Audioigniter on a musician’s website build. It can handle playlists of self-hosted mp3 files. You can even add payment options if you want to sell audio downloads.

  5. Horia Bologan says

    You can make a dynamic playlist of songs with any html/css/js audio snippet out there an options page/CPT, an ACF repeater field, and Oxygen.
    With nested repeaters, you could build more than one playlist I guess.

  6. Mario Kempter says

    what exactly are you trying to achieve with the audio player? what’s the use case (besides playing audio of course)

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