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Hi everybody. Today I noticed, that the social link icons in my footer only show up, when I’m logged in. But they don’t show up when I’m logged out.
So I found some advices regarding the use of font awesome icon sets (there are explanations from Sridhar Katakam and Supa Mike). But it even shows the same behavior when creating a custom icons set as mentioned in the official documentation (
In case you want to inspect that:

It would be great if someone could point me in the right direction.
For me it looks like there is no actual content inside the svg definition…
I’m on 3.8.1.
Any ideas? Thanks so much in advance!


  1. Supa Mike says

    disable the siteground optimizer plugin

  2. Matt Hias says

    URL doesn’t work. Can’t check.

    If you run the plugin “SG optimizer”, deactivate it. Bugs in latest version.

    You had a typo in your URL. Correct is
    And YES, you have SG Optimizer plugin active. Deactivate.

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