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I’d make separate posts but don’t want to look spammy.

I’d make separate posts but don’t want to look spammy.

I am trying to see if these are available in oxygen builder by default without css etc

front end posting for free?
-create a form (or?) that creates posts with custom fields
-I own toolset but is there a built in Oxy way to set this up

character and word limits in the repeater?
-I want to mimic essential grid and seems like a normal part of the repeater should have word and character limit for excerpts without css
-does it have this?

javascript for hover effects
-trying to mimic essential grid, I want to hover over image and show excerpt to save space
-if needed is there a “add jquery to this block” or “repeater” tutorial?
-repository of jquery scripts to paste in
-not good with JavaScript over here 🙂

lightbox (without an additional plugin) in my oxy image block?

rss block formatting without css?
-Not seeing an easy way to format my rss feeds



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  1. Ryan Jackson says

    I tried to fix “seaparte” to separate but it won’t let me lol

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