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I’m having an issue with a page I’m building. The page looks exactly how I want

I’m having an issue with a page I’m building. The page looks exactly how I want it in Oxygen Builder but when I go to the live page, most of the elements are missing or in places they shouldn’t be. I’ve cleared my cache, I cleared the server cache, verified that the database encoding is set to utf8mb4. I’m working in the latest version of Firefox but also checked the site in Chrome. The support rep from my server host checked the live page and saw the same thing that I see so it’s not my comp or the browser. I’ve built a dozen or so other pages so far and all of the templates without issue and with the same few plugins installed, so the issue with this page is an anomaly. About the only think I haven’t done yet is re-sign the shortcodes. Has anyone run into this issue and know the solution? Thank you!


  1. Anwar Jacobs says

    If you share the url, maybe we can help.

  2. Lyle Dove says

    Re-sign shortcodes. 😎

  3. Michael Fenton says

    I have re-signed the shortcodes, re-saved the permalinks, and regenerated the css cache and I still have the same issue.

  4. Matt Hias says

    Check your browser’s console for errors.
    Maybe a simple mixed content issue?
    An URL would allow to check. Otherwise it’s a totally blind guessing.

  5. Rami Mohamed says

    Me too !

  6. Rami Mohamed says

    But when you turn off the cache, the problem is solved

  7. Rami Mohamed says

    At the same time, I need to keep the cache

  8. Rami Mohamed says

    Is there another solution?

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