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I’m not a developer but I’m trying to build my website in oxygen. I have been ok

I’m not a developer but I’m trying to build my website in oxygen. I have been ok with most of it but I’m really struggling to understand how to create forms or popups, connect it to Active Campaign and to add more videos/photos to single blogs – it looks you can only change the template?

Can anyone help and guide me in the right direction?

I tried looking for YouTube videos but nothing seems to answer my questions and you always have to buy more plugins to achieve stuff which doesn’t work when I’m building 1 single website as they are all so expensive.



  1. Mikel Doka says

    Oxygen is a bit tricky once you start learing its flow. Get a plugin like wpforms, create a form and insert it as shortcode using oxygen on contact page. Same logic can apply for popups too

  2. Jamie Owens says

    You would need to look for a form plugin. Fluent forms is probably the most popular, I’m not sure if it included Active Campaign in the free version though. You would then use a shortcodes from the form plugin and add it to your page using the shortcodes element.

  3. Shaun Dave Rozario says

    Activecampaign does not receive incoming webhooks so you will need a form plugin that has native integration.

    Bitform Pro is the cheapest ($10) I could think of which has activecampaign integration. The rest are just too expensive for a one website implementation. You can integrate the form with a shortcode in the popup like Mikel Doka had suggested.

  4. Nikita Severin says

    It’s easier to use the forms from AC. They can be styled via css.

  5. Roger F. Schulze says

    Get fluent forms

  6. Dustin Humphreys says

    I build my forms in ActiveCampaign and use shortcodes to place them into the webpage

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