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  1. Demetre Minchev says

    This is an issue when you have an animation applied to an item inside a SLIDER element.

    Do you have those on the same page?

  2. Demetre Minchev says

    Or a carousel. It’s late and I’m on mobile so I can’t check. But this was the issue.

    Another thing you can try is clicking refresh AOS on page load. That solves a lot of those issues.

  3. Thayne Rigby says

    It happens on sites with only oxygenbuilder activated, some sites have sliders for testimonials, but I dont think they have any animations. Was working perfectly until recently, now affecting multiple sites.

  4. Thayne Rigby says

    removing slider does nothing to fix

  5. Cory Vyse says

    I had a similar issue with an Oxygen site using WP Rocket. I was combining and minifying JS and CSS – as soon as I disabled those features, the menus loaded properly. I haven’t spent too much time finding a workaround so that I can enable those features, but it provided a quick fix.

  6. Josh Snoddy says

    I’m having the exact same issue. It was completely fine, I haven’t changed any content on any of the sites. Perhaps it’s an update causing the issue? It has to be?

  7. Chungchun Lee says

    If you using WP Rocket can exclude these

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