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Is anyone here successful in creating their contact forms?

Is anyone here successful in creating their contact forms?

I like to build my own, and last year I was successful with Oxygen v3.4 in building a working contact form. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble repeating this success with v3.8.1 on a new site.

I added a code block in a section. In the PHP area, I added the HTML form elements, and before the form begins, I added this…

That’s a file that I placed in the root directory of the domain (outside of all of the WordPress folders).

This is the form tag on the other Oxygen site…

The validation php has a bunch of typical PHP validation, but I don’t even think we’re reaching it because I’m not getting any PHP errors logged, and all I see after I submit the HTML form is a white page generated by WordPress. It has no content. How is that happening? Any ideas about what’s going on?

I’m following the same steps as on the older Oxygen site. This could be a change in the way I installed WordPress, but I’ve tried two different hosting companies (SiteGround and Hostgator). This is a newer version of Oxygen, but what could they have changed that would cause this? It’s probably something else… but what?


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