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  1. Christopher says

    no, I have already moved around too many builders and now I plan to remain with Oxygen builder. There is no need for me to keep looking at other builders when Oxygen builder does everything I need/want

  2. Jimmy says

    I like a lot of the Bricks interface, I’d actually like to see Oxygen incorporate some elements of it, but Oxygen is still a clear winner for me.

  3. Noz says

    Probably doesn’t compare (yet) tho I have it but it’s for long term .. there’s no case where I’d pick anything over Oxygen now.

  4. Jornes says

    Cannot compare at all. Bricks is still very new but powerful.

    Bricks is more on Elementor side. Non coders who like Elementor might love Bricks.

  5. Sean says

    Bought licence for the future, I’ll watch their improvements since it obviously lacks many of Oxygen features. It could be used for simpler websites for now.

  6. Adam says

    I am on the beginning of a comparison testing for my needs at least which is WordPress portfolio sites for small to medium size businesses and individuals who want to show their services or products or their art (sometimes sell in small to medium web shops). I am visual brand builder (photography, graphic and web design, branding and visual marketing consultancy) with a designer and artistic-oriented mindset knowing only HTML and CSS to a medium level and very basic JS/PHP/server knowledge. So I am a non-coder, anti-nerd human. So from this point of my personal experiences are the following: Oxygen – more a theme builder than a page builder which is advertised as a fast, easy to use building tool – which I feel misleading a bit. On my opinion this tool is a half-done professional tool which was made by coders to coders. Thus missing a lot of the current page builder tools (especially designer tools and elements) which are normal at the competition but here you have to add as plugin or as a code snippet (or how else they call the million options the nerds). When you point this out you face the most aggressive and hostile trolls you ever met – even fake facebook accounts created at the boiling point of the page builders (around Dec 2020). First they tell you they don’t want any normal design tool because it will cause bloat or they don’t need it because then it will be some non-nerdy drag and drop tool like Elementor which is considered childish here (not because they are greedy and charge monthly mainly, no, they hate it mainly because it is easy to use and you cannot code in there till your death like a droid and makes more bloat which I think isn’t true nowadays). There basic thing missing which would normal for any non-coder human being: text edit on the side, basic form (99% ppl need a basic one just to contact), proper parallax, easy to use CSS adjustments and positioning (try to fix full screen their slider and auto-height responsively without hours of million settings CSS madness). Bloating: personally I don’t like that the Oxy main website and the template websites and many design elements still causing some bloat, quite bad on GTMetrix and especially bad on W3C Validator so the target market are coders and made by coders but still vomiting out invalid codes. Try, validate yourself basic elements or full template pages and see the errors and warnings. The Bricks as I tried and see so far creates much cleaner codes and most of the time fully valid codes. Bricks is more design and human oriented than Oxygen which is a good idea but unfortunately for nerdy type people and/aka coders who know everything on the highest level and about html/css and a lot about js/php and enjoying it (yes, there are ppl who enjoying this, I know, I know… don’t say it.) The community of Bricks is much smaller and (thus) less reactive or pro – yet, or so far at least – but they are much friendlier and no trolls or paid or fake accounts to attack you when you want something non-coder, designer, layman stuff or ask something lame to a coder. There are many nice people here too but the fake profile soldiers (you will see the reactions to this comment in minutes – called “Blunt” for example…) and trolls and arrogant coders destroying everything. So many users were being trapped because of the promise that this is the builder of the future and the nice lifetime deal option which is I am still here – and the nice ideas and basic concept but the so many errors in the templates and elements and the not so big real life results on meters give a bad smell to the pack. It is an advantage that you can do everything with this tool but in a very hard nerdy way and a huge learning curve is the price and nobody telling you before. Woocommerece integration is also and advantage and it is much better than Divi and others, but wait for Bricks – it will kill this and also maybe Elementor will if they will offer lifetime deal and clean their codes a bit. Did I mentioned that you need to spend around $300-$600 just to have things what others have or a similar user and design experience? So many things were left out or forgot from this system and the fanatic fans don’t care because they can code it or use third party packs, set and plugins even if those create more bloat and ever worth code (more w3c error – invalid code) and security risk or another hassle to update them or to solve the catastrophe when the coder abandon its plugin 1-2 yrs later. Oxygen is a half-done coder playground and hard to use for non-coders or who hates the too much codes like me and to people who don’t want to spend half a grand to plugins/design sets and god knows even the names of these idiot coder categories (snippets??) what you must buy to design even a nice working site with some fancy design elements and tricks. See how many people here say how many extras they bought or need to buy – you can’t see so many anywhere else. 90% of these should be implemented in Oxygen. I’m going back to test them and these were my personal experiences and personal opinion only.

    1. Idongesit says

      Thanks for the detailed explanation. I like that you talk from personal experience. Thanks for having us in mind

  7. Towhid says

    Bricks can be compared to elementor but not yet, its still on its first version but it will surely become a powerful builder in near future. So far, I still prefer oxygen. And then bricks (cause even though its new but has some powerful features and the road map says it’s going to be something huge in wp community)

  8. Jit says

    As of now, not even close to Oxygen’s level of features and community support. It is very new, like Oxygen was when it launched back in 2018. It is one of those tools which you buy to support the development and keep on the shelf for some time. The lead dev is awesome, and I’m sure they’re gonna make it big. As of now, it gets the basics done, but far from Oxygen.

  9. Takács says

    Bricks doesn’t cover any areas of site building. I purchased Oxygen builder beside Hydrogen pack and OxyExtras. This system is ready for every task even Woo and building more complex websites.

  10. Christopher says

    Its a shame that they did not do a comparison with oxygen builder 😉
    They only tested against the heavy themes and builders…

  11. Cristian-Cosmin says

    Well one thing it has that I was wishing Oxygen to bring for so long, is Community Templates.

  12. Dan says

    Damn the oxygen community has become toxic. Its all about speed comparison and bashing other pagebuilders. When it should be more about creating great sites with good content.

  13. Christian says

    Tried it. And I would say that bricks is approx where oxygen were on 1.0. Bought the lifetime license cause I think it can be great in the future. The framework and speed is phenomenal. But a bit klunky to work with.

  14. Sunny says

    Better interface but way behind on features. Eventually they could get closer on feature-set, but I also have a feeling that by then Oxygen will also have a much better interface than it does now.

  15. Esa says

    I got both, and both have their uses. Oxygen is more competent so it’s for crafting art and creating complex sites for sure. Bricks has it’s advantages in compatibility with Gutenberg and I use it to create quick sites for simple needs, such as landing pages, online cv’s and that sort of thing.

    I usually spend tens of hours on each site with oxygen (I know many of you are way faster, but this is me) and with bricks it took me four hours to create a decent portfolio site with a contact form and gallery. Straight A’s from gtmetrix and fully working with _zero_ plugins.

    So currently I’m making cheap sites with bricks for easier than ever lightweight hosting needs, and keep making the more complex sites with Oxygen.

  16. Stephen says

    I find oxygen alot easier to use then bricks, but maybe I’m use to oxygen.

  17. Andi says

    Bricks is following the traditional WordPress Plugin/Theme rip off business model by providing licenses per site which is total crab and against GNU GPL actually. With GNU GPL you can run Bricks on unlimited sites anyway like Oxygen and Divi do by default! As an Agency and developer we should honor those Creators who make their products available with an unlimited site and lifetime license! Only those are truly GNU GPL!

  18. Vàng says

    I see bricks being said a lot here but do you guys know zion builder? I think it’s even better with more features and you have the free version

  19. Chris says

    I purchased Bricks Builder. Its fast but it has some ways to go. Still lots of bugs that I experienced. Not comparable to Oxygen yet.

  20. Vinod says

    I think oxygen has to release its 2.0 version to end all such discussions so that everyone concentrate only on praising oxygen all day long showing off the most sophisticated designs built with it.

  21. Supa says

    Right now with Bricks you don’t have much control over the layout (can’t add Divs) and when you add a new class to an element, and you style it (with the interface), the CSS is not applied to that class but to the default one.
    I mean, it’s totally unusable right now.

  22. Petya says

    What’s the hype with bricks. How is it any better than what we have with Oxygen. Is there something I’m missing? I think I saw some post with Ltd like couple of weeks ago, but still no clue why would I prefer it or what makes it special

  23. Supa says

    The thing is, with Oxygen, it will make you learn more (if you are willing to, of course).
    Not only you will be better in html/css (and maybe JS) but it will make you work faster, and have more control over everything.
    If you keep using other page builders, like elementor, bricks, or Divi, you won’t make much progress. Because you don’t need to understand how it works.

    1. Idongesit says

      This is exactly WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR. Now I can cast my net down

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