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  1. Samuel Gonzalez says

    Better ads

  2. Samuel Gonzalez says

    Well elementor is good actually but is overbloated

  3. Christian Go says

    Ads I knew oxygen for other groups not even ads.

  4. Martín García says

    If it works for you but not for others, better it’s a relative term.

  5. Christopher Fischbach says

    Figure it out by going to their group, asking for a comparison with Oxygen or any other Page Builder…

    If they keep the post and comments they MAY be better or at least as good as they don’t fear the comparison.
    If they remove the post or comments, they fear themselves negativ stuff coming in.

    Then do your conclusions.

    That said, what does better even mean? Better for who? Better for what? The bandwidth of stuff you can do on a website is way to broad for such a question to be answered properly.

  6. John B. Manos says

    Elementor has been a giant marketing operation from the beginning. Making dubious claims (such as being first etc) all along. People love being conned so it works b

  7. Peter Pupovac says

    They are not in the same category. Oxygen is geared more towards technical users

  8. Густав Грейвс says

    Elementor is actually very good. Definitely better than Oxygen when it comes to ease of use.

    But Oxygen is faster in terms of speed because it is less bloated. It also offers more control if you know how to code.

    There’s always pros and cons.

    In the end of the day, it depends on your requirement.

    PS: Elementor is slower but that does not mean it is terrible. You still can make it fast with site optimization and good hosting.

  9. Michal Gazdík says

    Also it looks like they are buying likes because I cannot image 8.5k people just liking the post. Notice on most of their ads. I always put laughing emoji when I see their ad.

  10. Dicky Ibrohim says

    better ads, more about tutorial 😊. Easy to use in computer lower spec (windows& mac), (chrome/firefox). Better backend. But I prefer Oxygen because it all depends on who & the chosen circumstances.

  11. Jonathan Cuevas says

    I still maintain clients who prefer to manage their content with Elementor.

    Elementor recently made some huge improvements with speed. It’s not anywhere near Oxygen’s performance but its shortcomings can be offset by proper server config, caching and a good CDN.

  12. Vit Spisek says

    What exactly do you mean by “really better”? Does the image/ad imply so?

  13. Touhidul Islam Rony says

    As a builder it is very good. Very user-friendly. But very bloated

  14. Olly Bee says

    Oxygen v4 and Elementor v4 set to be released same day so the Discovery channel can do a documentary about them fighting in the wild. I guess then we’ll know.

  15. Ronny Strowick says

    From developer perspective: No! Elementor ist horrible.

    From client perspective: often Yes! When your client wants to stop the work with you, after the site is done and published, it’s more intuitive for them to edit things.

    From SEO perspective: No!

    So there is a tool for every need. Sometimes I produce sites with Elementor. But not that often, because I’m a developer 😉😂

  16. Anirudh Mohan says

    Tried both. Oxygen is atleast 15 times better

  17. Chris Wagoner says

    They stepped up their advertising game. Although, I’m not a fan of the color schemes.

  18. Rishabh Singh says

    The customer is king.

    If your client prefers Elementor then it doesn’t matter what you like or not. The truth is I never met a client who wanted a website on Oxygen. Most of them either wanted Elementor or just said that they want the ease of making changes.

    Now the ease of change can be achieved with Oxygen as well by all means of ACF, Metabox etc. But if the client’s budget is low then it’s better to go with Elementor.

    I’m not biased and I love both of the builders. But I would prefer Elementor any day if the client’s budget is low or he wants a quick website or he wants to make changes on his own. If I have to freedom of choosing the builder then also I would prefer Elementor because Oxygen may be fast on the frontend but I seriously can’t waste my time every time I want to open the builder to make a small change. I can optimize the Elementor website to get a similar load speed so why waste time in building the website?

    And then Oxygen is still maturing and I would love to use it more often. It’s fast and you have more controls which I love but we need some serious developmental changes here. I believe if we give some time to Oxygen then it will become better than Elementor.

  19. Eduware Izekor says

    From what I’ve seen after they received funding they kinda went off. Ads everywhere and also alot of content creation. But that’s all that happened nothing more…

    The loudest is not always the best.

  20. Totte Lundgren says

    I came from Elementor. Short answer, no.

  21. Manuel Santana Ramos says

    As a designer with Divi, Elementor and Oxygen, definitely I keep Oxygen and Divi, in this order. Elementor is a pain in the ass for me. I don’t like the way I must customize many things. I’m faster in Divi and, with its recent improvement in speed and code, I prefer it over Elementor.
    But Oxygen is in another world. I love it, although I’m not an advanced user with it… yet.

  22. Tomislav Trgovac says

    If not probably will be in the future. They have better business model thus meaning more resources and people on a payroll to develope better and nee things. I will probably switch back to it if really improved performance of websites built with it

  23. Shaun Dave Rozario says

    Kar Chung L Your highness, would you mind joining this conversation at least this time, rather than just posting something here and then going MIA like you always do? Not fair that you let others spend their valuable time discussing your question and you don’t. Go on, Don’t be shy. Reply to these lovely people. Make some effort.

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