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  1. Taylor Drayson says

    Both are tools, some people prefer the oxymade approach some prefer the oxyninja approach.

    Both have pros and cons and are better in different situations depending on the project.

    I have both and use both. Maybe buy it and give it a try and see if you like it otherwise you can refund

  2. Luke Allen says

    I started with OxyNinja and told myself nothing could beat it. Recently I’ve been dabbling in OxyMade and have come to love that too. Just like Taylor Drayson said, both have good points and bad. Give them both a trial run.

  3. Peter Odehnal says

    Luke Allen Taylor Drayson I’m building a WooCommerce site and have both OxyNinja and OxyMade. Which do you find best for Woo sites? Why? Thx.

  4. Bob Liebl says

    Both are great. Oxymade has a lot of block pre made, so you get work done quicker. Also has a ton of classes.

  5. John Aperture says

    I am an OxyMade user. Whether you choose Ninja or Made, both have a learning curve. After spending a few weeks with either framework, you will have your workflow down solid.

    I find OxyMade more flexible. In my opinion, Made has more resolution. Finer gaps, finer margin, finer padding etc.

    Anvesh cares alot about his product. He works incredibly hard. Support is A++.

  6. Olive Wallace says

    Oxymade is best for sure 👍 I have been using it for a couple of weeks and absolutely loved it.

  7. Geraldine Roberts says

    Which has a tailwind css framework built-in again?

  8. Peter Pupovac says

    I can’t imagine building an Oxygen site without Oxymade!

  9. Daniel Florian says

    Does OxyMade have much in the way of Woo blocks/designs etc?
    I’m tossing up between the two and I feel like this question will decide it for me. I don’t typically rely on design sets but hey, if they’re there I may as well use them 🤷

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