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Is it possible to display a form dynamically?

Is it possible to display a form dynamically?
I’ve created a custom post type “events” and we will create individual forms (Fluent) for each event on the back end and want each form to show up on the corresponding event.
We are using ACF pro and I thought that maybe the user could add the form shortcode in a field, but I don’t know how to make it render on the front end.
Do I need to use a custom code block for that? Does anybody have any idea what function I would need to call?
Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.


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  1. David Browne says

    If you’re using Oxygen alone without any addons, you’d need a code block to add the shortcode via PHP so you can dynamically change the ID of the form. eg..

    $form_id = get_field(‘your-custom-field’);

    echo apply_shortcodes(‘[fluentform id=’. $form_id . ‘]’);

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