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  1. Drew Schlichtmann says

    You can definitely have multiple tabs open, one from each different site no problem. You can also have multiple tabs open from the same site, however if you’re not careful you can loose data this way. Like, if you have the same template open twice, and you’ve been making a lot of changes to it in tab B, then you go to another tab, then come back but to tab A and save tab A, it will then overwrite tab B. I’ve never had issues editing two different templates that are open at the same time personally, but your mileage may vary.

  2. Niko Strobel says

    It’s usually not a big issue if you know what you are doing; I have been working with multiple tabs for the longest time and very rarely deleted/reverted settings or classes.

    But very recently I have started to use , which completely removes the issue as it will sync all your open tabs… I can highly recommend this, not only when you’re working in a team (which I originally thought was the only purpose of the plugin) but on your own as well.

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