the answer for all question about Oxygen Builder plugin and WordPress
  1. Adam Tang says

    most powerful js framework, angular. most workforce, react. somewhere between, vue. most potential, svelte.

  2. Johan de Jong says

    All frameworks are as good as the developer working with it 🤷‍♂️

  3. Clint Bush says

    “Powerful” doesn’t really mean anything here. Think more what fits your need better. Each framework has pros and cons depending on your use case

  4. Hakira Shymuy says

    Yes oxy is done in angular, powerful depends on point of view
    For me react is the best framework, but i have my args and my point of view, for others is angular, for others is vue, svelte, and so on

  5. Harry Thomas says

    Then why is there so many calls for Oxygen Builder 4 to be built in Vue?

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