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  1. Richard Schuur says

    No and wordprss is also not compatible with php 8

  2. Sahil Hassan says

    When wordpress will be fully compatible , oxygen will surely follow within months. Currently its not.

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  3. Parvaz . says

    what is the best php version for oxygen?

  4. Jonathan Davies says


  5. Christian Schneider says

    One thing that IS compatible is the search function. Try that. It’s been answered a thousand times.

  6. Joachim Auster says

    WP Core is definitely 8.0 compatible. Period.

    Third party plugins are third party and not core. Those have to prepare for php 8 each by itself.

    A lot of „experts“ tell wrong things about this, without differentiating and putting all in one basket 🙈🙈

  7. Adam Tang says

    You need to wait php9

  8. Lucian Mămăligă says

    Yes, but Oxygen is not compatible with PHP 8

  9. Dicky Ibrohim says


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