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Is there any sort of “best practices” methodology to use when switching from a t

Is there any sort of “best practices” methodology to use when switching from a theme builder like Elementor to Oxygen on a LIVE site? For instance if I were to rebuild the site on a staging environment If there’s an export/import process that can be used for the header/footer/content area, pages, etc or if I have to just use Oxygen on top of Elementor until the transition is complete etc. Just trying to assess what kind of process would be required, things to look out for, ways to minimize downtime on the live site etc. I get it’s kind of a ambiguous question that can be applied to any scenario when switching themes/page builders etc but just figured perhaps there were some recommendations from users who have done so. Thanks!


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  1. Taylor says

    I would recommend using a fresh install and not using a staging site as you will not get the full benefit of using oxygen if you do it that way.

    Create a brand new install and rebuild everything from scratch. Once you are ready, push the new install to live. (don’t migrate, just point the new install to the live address)

  2. Taylor says

    I may be misunderstanding the question, but maybe this can help?

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