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  1. Fabrizio Lazzeretti says

    Yes, just don’t assign the tpl to anything, then edit the page and assign the template in oxygen edit box

  2. Alexei Kutsko says

    You bet. Create a template without assigning it to anything. Then create a page and choose the new template under “Render page using template”.

    Depending on the type of a page you want this template to be applied to, you may need to give the template higher priority, Alan Lamb.

  3. Jason Eugene says

    Yes, on the actually page I’m the Oxygen section just choose the template you want to use.

  4. Alan Lamb says

    is that the render page using? section or something else?

  5. Anwar Jacobs says


  6. Demetre Minchev says

    Yes make sure priority is high.

  7. Alan Lamb says

    Managed to do it now. Not sure why you can’t just assign a template to individual pages in the same place as assigning it to multiple pages. Another bit of bad UX by the Oxygen team 🙄

  8. Alan Lamb says

    Thanks for the help everyone.

  9. Adrian Vatavu says

    Yoi can create template for Page and there Is a sett for a specific id page

  10. Loïc Eoka Day says

    What is the difference than using directly the edit with oxygen in the current page ?

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