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Is this achievable in WooCommerce with Oxygen?

Is this achievable in WooCommerce with Oxygen?

My client, a plant-based meat company, is looking for a specific feature on the website. In every product page, they want to show how much impact you make for the environment from buying their products (E.g. you save 1 litres of water by buying this meat.)

  • They want the summation of these numbers on the cart page.
  • They also want the total monthly impact made numbers showing on the homepage.
Can you point me to how I can achieve this or which plugin is capable of? Thank you, Oxygeneers.


  1. Sarah-Jean V. Myles says here is one option 🙂

  2. Sunil Wu says

    Assuming each product has a certain level of savings?
    I think you’d have to write a custom plugin for this.


    I think you’d want to add custom metadata to your items. There a few plugins that can do this. ACF can do this.
    There would be difference

    There would be different ways to calculate and present the savings.

    Create another function that adds the metadata as a data-attribute somewhere in the HTML of the product listing in the cart. Then, everytime the page finishes loading or changes state, a js script would recalculate the saving, and update a UI element on the page that declares the saving to the user.

    This could be a fun project.

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