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  1. Riku says

    Next update will add PHP8 support, but the current version does not.

  2. Wolfgang says

    Oxygen 4 will have support for PHP 8.

  3. John says

    Next version is 8

  4. Adam says

    o2 is php 7, o4 is php 8

  5. William says

    CTRL + F5

  6. Anh says

    WP is not ready for PHP8 yet. So, it doesn’t matter if O2 is compatible with PHP 8.

  7. Stephen says

    can we stop getting these post, search with the search button.

  8. Ujan says

    Press Ctrl + F5 and it will support PHP version 8 😂

  9. Anh says

    For those who wonder if WP is compatible with PHP 8, please see this

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